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Aerial Drone Inspection

Each site can have its own challenges and bespoke requirements.


Being a service provider to encompass all of your facilities requirements, it's important we understand and take care of all equipment and assets.

We take care of it all with a focus on safety, compliance and asset lifespan aren't. In turn, this allows you to focus on operations and your clients.

Aerial Building & Infrastructure Inspection

Core Facilities Management Services
Facilities Management | Building Maintenance | Property Management | Cleaning Services

At EntireFM, we provide bespoke facilities management solutions to diverse industries. Although the general approach may be consistent, what sets us apart is our comprehension of each client's  business operations and expectations, resulting in distinct service offerings.


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Aerial View of Distribution Center

Nationwide Facilities Management & Support Services

Entire Facilities Management is a leading provider of commercial facilities management and support services across the UK. Our bespoke solutions cater to the diverse needs of our clients, spanning various industries such as residential, industrial, manufacturing, retail, and hospitality.

EntireFM is proud to support clients throughout The UK with facility management services across a wide range of industries including residential facility management services, industrial facility management and manufacturing facilities management and fm services to retail and hospitality.

Entire Facilities Management has a number of regional offices which allows us to manage and respond to sites within a short period of time. 

With regional offices strategically located, we are able to provide prompt and efficient services to our clients nationwide.

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EntireFM supply facilities management services in sheffield

About EntireFM

"to deliver a bespoke and personalised service to our clients, integrate in to their team and go the extra mile to achieve excellence"

Entire Facilities Management was founded in 2009 by Peter Currey. Since then, the company has grown rapidly to become a leading provider in The UK of facilities management and support services, building maintenance and commercial cleaning services to clients throughout a variety of different industries. 


At Entire Facilities Management, we understand our clients’ needs and can adapt our industry-leading services to your site, budget or your client’s needs.


Our flexible approach and can do attitude has earned us an enviable reputation for client satisfaction. Our current workload of facilities management services, building maintenance and commercial cleaning is spread across residential, commercial, retail and hospitality sites, to name just a few.


We have contracts throughout the UK that are tailored to each specific site to ensure compliance and a high level of service delivery to our clients.

EntireFM - Providing complete facilities management and support services.


Want to learn more? Get in touch, it would be great to talk







EntireFM Facilities Management Services
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