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Airport Facilities Management

EntireFM offers bespoke facilities management services to the aviation industry. 

Aviation FM.

Airport facilities management services to improve security, cleanliness and passenger experience at airports and aviation facilities nationwide.

Entire Facilities Management is a proud provider of airport facilities management services to ensure the safety of passengers, airport and airline staff work and travel in a clean and safe airport. With competition for passengers increasing, each passenger and airline must experience the best of the airport.

Our dedicated, committed and skilled team work together with airports to deliver the best airport facilities management services to ensure they create the best user experience available to the airport users, exceeding their expectations every time.

EntireFM is a leading supplier of bespoke facilities management services to clients nationwide

Airport Facilities Management Services

EntireFM works in a variety of different industries delivering facilities management, including the aviation industry. Supplying facilities management services to such a fast paced industry can be challenging yet rewarding to help our aviation clients ensure customer and passenger satisfaction.

We can supply a range of facilities management services to the aviation industry including, but not limited to;

  • Airport Cleaning and Hygiene Services

  • Washroom Management for Airports

  • Building Fabric Repairs and Inspections

  • Mechanical & Electrical Services 

  • Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM)

  • Caretaker and Janitorial Staffing

  • Airport Grounds Maintenance & Landscaping

  • Window Cleaning

  • Pressure Washing and External Cleaning

  • Airport Lift Maintenance and Servicing

  • Roller Shutters & Access Control

  • Gritting & Snow Clearance

Since 2009, Entire Facilities Management has been supplying facilities management services to airport and aviation clients throughout The UK. Our main office is in Chesterfield, with other offices in Manchester, Leeds and Lincoln, which gives us a great location to offer facilities management services to our nationwide client base. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss any opportunities from aviation clients looking to outsource their facilities management.

EntireFM also delivers facilities management to the following industries;

  • Commercial Facilities Management

  • Residential Facilities Management

  • Office Facilities Management

  • Arena & Stadium Facilities Management

  • Hospital Facilities Management

  • Retail Facilities Management

  • Healthcare Facilities Management

  • Logistics Facilities Management

  • Manufacturing & Industrial Facilities Management

  • Car Park Facilities Management

  • Service Station Facilities Management

  • Automotive Facilities Management

  • Education & School Facilities Management

It would be great to hear from you to discuss your aviation facilities management. Please click here to get in touch

Bespoke facilities management services to the aviation industry. EntireFM is a preferred supplier of airport facilities management

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