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What are 'Hard Services'?

Updated: Jun 29

As a facilities management company, EntireFM provides a complete coverage to clients throughout The UK. Services provided to a client can be vast and therefore it's important to ensure good management is in place.

When you dig a little deeper in to the service provision of a facilities management company, you'll notice that the main service tasks are split into two categories. These are known as hard services and soft services.

Hard services are generally services that are provided or carried out upon a physical asset and normally part of the fabric or infrastructure of the building. It's normally the case that hard services are generally required for compliance and safety.

An example of hard services may includes;

- Electrical systems and lighting

- Heating & ventilation

- Plumbing systems

- Fire and other safety systems

- Building fabric

More about hard services can be found here

If you wish to discuss your hard service requirements further then please do get in touch

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