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Concierge & Front of House Staff

Integrated facility management support services to ensure complete client satisfaction and  site compliance

Entire Facilities Management is the preferred partner to clients in the management and hospitality industry nationwide for the provision of concierge and front of house staff.

Our bespoke systems all us to track and monitor activity on site and receive live feedback from site. 

Concierge staff supplied by Entire Facilities Management are always experienced within their industry. However, we would also supply site specific training to new and possible existing concierge staff to ensure all team members work efficiently. Uniform, telephones, PPE and other equipment relevant to site can also be supplied by Entire Facilities Management.

Entire Facilities Management is able to ensure that concierge personnel are SIA and CCTV trained giving them the ability to manage the basic security of the site.

Each site is difference and we are therefore more than happy to visit to survey and discuss your sites requirements. Please do get in touch to arrange

From contract mobilisation, we raise the bar and deliver complete support services to ensure total compliance and high standards  

Want more information?

It would be great to hear from you so we can discuss how our services can integrate with your business. Please use the contact form below, or click here to see our contact details.

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EntireFM Facilities Management Services
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